Zambia Police To Arrest People In Ripped Jeans, Leggings And Mini-Skirt!!

The Zambia police has announced that its officers will start arresting people who dress indecently in public.

That means people who wear mini-skirts, sagging trousers , skinny jeans, leggings, ripped jeans, and lace attire would be arrested and jailed for six months or fined.

A statement from the police command said “Zambia police is concerned with the dress code of some of our women and men in public”, an act it said was a serious offence.


The statement said starting from April 1, persons seen in dresses that expose their bodies to the public will be arrested.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo in the statement said Zambians must get conversant with the attire they need to wear to avoid being arrested.


Written by How Africa

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