Zambia: Former President Kenneth Kaunda Receives Noble Peace Award

Republic of Zambia former president Kenneth Kaunda has received the first ever Noble Peace Award from Pillars of Peace Zambia chapel for being a champion and an ambassador of peace throughout his life.

Dr Kaunda has been recognised not only for negotiating and acting as a mediator for peace locally but regionally and globally.

And President EdgarLungu who was guest of honour in a speech read for him by Gender Minister Nkandu Luo, said the award was a significant contribution to peace and stability in Zambia.

“I believe, many of you do, that this is a well-deserved award,” he said.

The incumbent was happy that Dr Kaunda was the first noble figure to receive this peace award from Pillars of Peace Zambian chapter.

President Lungu said the award was a well-deserved award by Dr Kaunda and that peace would always continue in Zambia because of him.


Zambia: Kenneth Kaunda Receives Noble Peace Award

“Indeed it has been a long and very fruitful journey for Dr Kaunda, a journey which has greatly impacted our lives, giving a direction to humanity, Zambia and the whole world,” he said.


He reminded guests of the values and ideas that Dr Kaunda had always espoused throughout his life as a leader not only locally but globally

“It is imperative that all of us should embrace these values if we were to live in harmony with one another and create a healthy Zambian society,” he said.

He told Dr Kaunda that he continues to be a global icon because of the many peace efforts that he promoted as a negotiator and a mediator in countries such as Mozambique, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania and South Africa.

“Not only did you broker peace in these countries mentioned but also cooperated with regional, continental, and global organisations such as the United Nations to broker peace.

The president said Zambians would continue to pay glowing tribute to him for his unconditional sacrifices that brought about peace and stability in our country, region and the whole world.

He said Dr Kaunda and many others laid a foundation for Zambia’s socio-economic development which was why today the Government is able to continue fostering national development.

And Dr Kaunda thanked everyone who attended the ceremony and President Lungu for ‘walking the talk’ on peace issues in Zambia and said for that God was going to bless him.

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