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Yuck!! 20 Weird Toilet Culture From Across Africa And Around The World

A Snake In The Toilet

 There was a time and still, there are some places in the world which have had unusual toilets. Describing no more, I think you should just scroll down the list to know the facts about toilets across the globe and the extent to which they can be weird.

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#1. Cuba

Cuba does not provide toilet paper in its stalls, and hence you have to carry your own whenever you go.

#2. Paris

About hundred years ago, outside toilets in Paris were considered as art installations.

#3. Japan

There’s a right and a wrong way of using this Japanese toilet… Can you guess the right one?

#4. Sweden

It’s better that you carry exact change when you go to use a public toilet… because they ALL charge you for peeing or even pooping.

#5. Rural China

All the primitive toilets of rural China are unisex and feature nothing more than just a rectangular hole.

#6. Scotland

It’s okay in Scotland to knock anyone’s house and ask to use the restroom.

#7. Spain

Beware when you go to restrooms in Spain. Do not pee in the bidets which can frequently be found in the washrooms.

#8. Ireland

Irish people do not like to use the public bathrooms. The stats show that 76% of the citizens do not touch the seat whereas 62% straight away refuse even to use them.

#9. Australia

In Australian toilets… snakes just pop up randomly. So be careful.

#10. New Zealand

The public toilets in New Zealand are made from recycled materials

#11. Laos

Laos is so scarcely populated that you might require to carry toilet paper along with you on your entire trip.

#12. Egypt

You have to buy your own toilet paper in Egypt. If you cannot… then you’re out of luck.

#13. Ukraine

This is how a toilet in a Ukrainian orphanage looks like.

#14. Malawi

Malawi is now in the era of introducing private toilets. This is how they look.

#15. Iceland

The toilets in Iceland often set up targets for men’s urinals.

#16. Belgium

Belgium showcase portable toilets used during festivals. Overly public toilets!

#17. Peru

In Peru, it is completely normal to pee in the street for not only men but also for women.

#18. Poland

This place will not provide you with any public toilet… so cut on your intake while in Poland.

#19. Germany

This place has got superb private restrooms. You can even relax and enjoy.

#20. Asian countries

Most Asian countries do not bear toilet paper and therefore you have to use the basket in the stall.

#21. Ancient Rome

There was a time in Rome where everybody used the same sponge to wipe off after pooping.

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