If You’ve Ever Faked an Orgasm, This is Probably Why -Study

Faking it just to get it over with…A new study reveals women don’t always feel comfortable enough to say when they want sex to stop.

Most women have faked an orgasm, be it once or twice or 100 times, it definitely happened or it is going to happen. There’s a lot of reasons why these women choose to fake it, I’m sure, but a new study made a concerning conclusion on the subject.

The study conducted by two Canadian Universities revealed women between the ages of 19 and 28 fake their orgasms to end “bad sex” and to exercise more control when they don’t see any other way of ending a sexual encounter.

Only 15 women were recruited to be interviewed on consensual sex –  which isn’t a lot for scientific research – but every single one of them spoke explicitly of problematic sexual experiences.


The women didn’t necessarily tick the words ‘rape’ or ‘coercion’ during the survey to describe the sex they were trying to get out of, but the actual sex they recounted could well enough be characterized in one or both of those things. They simply described it as both “unwanted and unpleasurable” – which researchers found to be very alarming.

Researchers made it clear that they don’t want to shame women for faking orgasms because it “seems to work as a positive thing in favor of these women in that it gives them a certain level of control in ending unwanted sexual encounters,” Elite Dailyreports.

One of the researchers, Emily Thomas said they’d rather focus on “the problems with our current lack of available language” to describe unwanted sex and to ultimately “acknowledge, name and confront the issues the women spoke of in the interview.”


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