You’ve Been Using the Toilet Seat Wrong Till Now! Here’s How To

How one sits on the toilet seat can pose serious problems and a lot of people seem to be doing it the wrong way!

There is such a thing like sitting on the toilet seat correctly and before now a lot of people have been using it incorrectly.

How one sits on the toilet seat can pose a problem and in some cases cause inflammation of some organs in the body when the right position is not taken when using the toilet.

How to use the toilet correctlyThis position puts a strain on the rectum

(Why Don’t You Try This)

One of worst ways to use the toilet is at the ’90 degree position’ where the hips are bent disrupting the passage of the intestines and sealing them up! This also results in constipation, hemorrhoids and in prolonged cases of colon cancer!


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Correct way to use the toilet seatThe best way to use the toilet seat

(Why Don’t You Try This)

The best way to use the toilet seat is to squat using the ‘the 35 degree position’! Taking a position common amongst rural dwellers to avoid straining the colon, squat on a stool or box (with the feet put up) while taking the dump!



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