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YouTube Closes Down North Korean Propaganda Channels And People Are Reacting

YouTube has closed two North Korean publicity channels, which had almost 50,000 supporters joined. The channels were shut down on Friday.

The two channels were mainstream for their recordings of North Korea’s state TV and other substance from the nation. The recordings had a great many perspectives and one channel is said to be fixing  the nation’s publicity division. The client behind the other channel, which had recordings of state news TV and promulgation, is said to be a supporter who lives outside of the nation. The recordings/videos posted by the channels were in high dimension, which specialists say is useful.

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The channels had low subscribers but experts aren’t too happy about the popular video site removing them. YouTube removed the two channels for breaking community guidelines but experts say the information provided by both channels was extremely important, especially from the channel that was posting videos in high resolution. That channel reportedly had more than 20,000 subscribers at the time of its removal.

Jeffrey Lewis, a nuclear expert, is one of the people who is not happy about the removal of the channels. He has used the videos to get more information on the missile launches and see the tour factories. He says it is important to understand them even if we don’t like them. He also tweeted YouTube and asked them to stop doing that since academics use the information to learn more about the country’s missile program. Experts were also using the videos to learn more about the people surrounding the North Korean leader.


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