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‘You’re Trump’s Token Black,’ Ben Carson Told


The ex-presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon, Ben Carson recently became social media’s punching bag as he glorified President Trump at the signing of a proclamation, celebrating the Martin Luther King holiday.

The signing came at the time when Trump’s controversial comments were still fresh in peoples’ minds.

While challenging America’s choice of immigrants, Trump called immigrants from countries like Haiti, African nations, and El Salvador—“shithole.”

Naturally, many people were not pleased to see Trump commemorate a holiday honoring a civil rights champion like Dr. King, especially after such racist comments against people of color. Then emerged Ben Carson, to support his remarks.

While Carson thought that he was doing the right thing to support Trump, many saw him as the president’s prop, used to show black people how “not” racist the president is.


“Today we celebrate the legacy of this man who marched on Washington DC for jobs and freedom, achieving for millions of Americans of all backgrounds and races,” said Carson while recalling the moment he heard of King’s assassination.

“Come April, we’ll see the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin King’s assassination,” stated the HUD secretary.

But Critics on Twitter did not waste time before criticizing the HUD secretary for letting Trump use him as “a token Black.”

“Ben Carson is speaking at President Shithole’s Martin Luther King event because he is the president’s Token Black,” one commenter wrote. “He is Donald Trump’s last African-American.”

“Oh, now I see,” another one added. “I’ll keep the rest of my remarks to myself. But I have known that Carson is to black folks, while Kushner is to the Jews. #MLKDay #TrumpIsARacist.”

“Ben Carson,” another one cautioned the HUD’s secretary. “There will be no showers hot enough to get that stink off of you—wh


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