Your Woman Has Probably Told You Some Of These Lies


If you’re in a relationship, there’s a high chance your partner has told you one or two of the white lies below but there’s no reason to fret.

Here are the things women really mean when they tell them and the right way for you to handle it.

“I don’t get angry easily…”
What she means when she tells lies like this is that she won’t get angry as long as you don’t piss her off. While she surely doesn’t want to get angry at you, if she finds out you’re keeping something from her because you think she might get mad, she will probably get mad.

She also won’t let it go until you tell her what happened. As such, there is really no easy way out here. Just be honest and deal with the consequences.

“I’m not interested in romance…”
The simple fact is she most likely has it at the back of her mind that romance may happen. If she tells you anything like this, it doesn’t mean she’s going to have you in a forced headlock asking you to propose in a month.

It however points to the fact that she wants to be cautious of being a clinger which a lot of guys find irritating.

You should have at the back of your mind that any woman you get involved with might develop feelings for you and that is completely natural. If you can’t handle the possibility, be very direct and create boundaries.


“I’d be ready, in like five minutes…”
What she actually means when she tells you lies like this is that it might take up to an hour for her to be ready but in her mind, it’s only 5 minutes. There’s no need to worry about it. Simply get yourself a drink, pull out your phone and be prepared to pass the time with patience.

While she maybe making an effort to complete the task of getting ready in just 5 minutes, she may not be able to account for certain obstacles such as the clothes she wanted to wear not fitting or her hair failing to cooperate.

“I don’t spend too much time on my looks…”
When she tells you this, she’s only trying to avoid you thinking that she is too artificial or fake. The splendid truth is all women keep up with their appearance and you have to get used to it.

While she may not be dying her hair every two weeks or wearing fake lashes regularly, she may be spending time plucking, waxing and shaving. She may enjoy smelling good and wearing clothes that makes her feel good. While you may not know it, her glowing skin takes a little everyday grooming effort and you should just embrace it.

“I am good with anything or anywhere…”
When she tells you this, she is making you know that she is an easygoing type and will remain so as long as things go the way she wants. There are few things you can do about this but the majority of women like to have a little control, and often have their own interests outside of yours, so you should probably get to know her a little better.

That way, the things you suggest will align with the things she likes. It doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice what you like or want to do, but it shouldn’t be something you know she won’t be interested in.


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