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‘Your Wife Has Been Sleeping With Young Cabinet Ministers’ – Army Intelligence Chief Tells Mugabe

Ahead of his meeting with army officials to discuss his exit, Mugabe was ‘wailing profusely’ and saying that he wished he could speak to his dead wife, Sally Mugabe, and his late son, Michael Nhamodzenyika, who died from cerebral malaria in 1966 at the age of three.

‘He spends most of his time looking at an old photograph of Sally. It is terrible,’ the aide said of Mugabe’s first wife, who died of kidney failure in 1992.

Zimbabwe defence chief General Constantine Chiwenga (centre) in 2009 told military colleagues that he will have difficulties saluting new Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

In 1996, Mugabe went on to marry his current wife, ‘Gucci’ Grace, who was also expelled from her role as head of the Zanu-PF Women’s League ‘forever’.

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Rumor has it that the army’s intelligence chief announced to Mugabe that his wife, Grace Mugabe was sleeping around with the young ministers in Mugabe’s cabinet.

The frail dictator has been staging a hunger strike over his confinement under house arrest and is refusing to take regular baths or speak, the aide added.

The only person who has managed to get through to him was the Catholic cleric Father Fidelis Mukonori, who is mediating between Mr Mugabe and the generals, the aide added.

Images of the meeting showed Mugabe, who wore a black suit, white shirt, and red tie, with his hand to his head and deep in conversation with senior security officials, including army chief Constantino Chiwenga who led the military takeover earlier this week.

‘President Robert Mugabe this afternoon met with Zimbabwe Defence Forces Generals at State House,’ the Herald said on its Twitter feed, accompanied by photographs.

Impeaching the president is the next step when Parliament resumes, and lawmakers will ‘definitely’ put the process in motion, the main opposition’s parliamentary chief whip told The Associated Press.




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  1. Karma is a bitch. And unfortunately for Mugabe, he married the worse kind of bitch. A ambitious bitch. A uneducated bitch, a bed wenching bitch, and greedy bitch. So for all of Mugabe’s education and intelligence. He was not smart enough to find and women that would not become as a common bitch. The down fall of every great man. A lower class bitch. Karma is a bitch.

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