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“Your Son Is A Dog”: Israeli MP Openly Humiliates The Mother Of A Palestinian Prisoner (VIDEO)

In front of the cameras, an Israeli deputy took a Palestinian who was traveling by bus to an Israeli prison to see her son. In the face of the wave of indignation, the Knesset decided to grant the MP close protection.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict hit a bus on December 25, 2017. Knesset MP Oren Hazan, a Palestinian woman, took a keen look at her imprisoned son in Nafha , in Israel. “Your son is a dog. It’s a dog! “, He said in the presence of several cameras of journalists that he himself took care to summon. According to AFP, the deputy was indeed accompanied by media and right-wing activists, as part of an operation to denounce the authorization of such visits by the Jewish state.

“You visit a man who is rotting in jail, but you see him as a member of your family!”, He still vituperated, standing between the rows of seats of the bus while addressing the mother seated. The latter, striving to cut short, ended by launching to the present translator: “Tell him that our sons are real men!” And the MP, who himself posted the video on Facebook , to retort: ​​” I’m a member of the Knesset […] I’ll make sure you do not have access anymore. ”

Living in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank, a member of Likud, the Israeli nationalist party led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Oren Hazan has gone further, making barely veiled death threats. “If you continue like this, you will not see life again,” he said, blaming the fact that three civilians and the bodies of two Israeli soldiers are being held by the Islamist Hamas movement in power. in Gaza. Always in front of the objectives, the deputy asks through the translator to personally pass the message to Hamas. To which the Palestinian prisoner mother replied that she had nothing to do personally with this organization.

Close protection decided by the Knesset

The remarks sparked a rare statement by Hamas’s armed wing spokesman Abu Obeida. “Instead of sending an idiot to do puerile acts … be courageous and try to resolve this issue with courage and without intimidating women,” he said in a statement quoted by AFP , for the attention of the Israeli authorities. Due to the outcry over the video footage in the occupied territories, the Knesset spokesman announced that Oren Hazan would benefit from close protection.

This is not the first time that Oren Hazan is illustrated by his words. “There is no Palestinian nation, there is only Palestinian idiocy that is only interested in terrorism,” he had ranted to the Knesset platform in March 2017.

In 2015, he was suspended from his position as deputy speaker of the Israeli Parliament, after charges of pimping and drug use, and suspended a month of any parliamentary activity for insulting a member with a disability, according to AFP.


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