Your Looks Are Secondary If You Have These 10 Awesome Traits

Looks could be deceiving, though it’s the first appealing thing people will see in you at first. But the traits you have will keep anyone with you.

A happy coupleA happy couple

These traits make up your personality which plays a huge role in your relationship with others especially the romantic ones.

Inspired by All Women Stalk, here are 10 awesome traits that make your looks secondary:

1. Maturity: No one wants an immature partner, that’s a major turn off.

2. Generosity: Selfishness can kill beauty, being generous is actually way sexier.

A happy coupleA happy couple

3. Passionate: Everyone loves hot kisses to be rained on them by a passionate partner


4. Sincerity: No one likes a liar for a partner, no one likes a fake person. Being pretentious is an ugly trait

5. Hygienic: A fresh smell is a major turn-on for any adult in a serious relationship.

6. Respectful: Your partner would find you attractive if you treat him or her as equal.

Happy couple in bedHappy couple in bed 

7. Honesty: Everyone wants a partner who’ll tell them the truth

8. Optimistic: An optimistic partner is like landing on solid ground in any relationship. It is an attractive quality to have.

9. Sense of humor: A person who can laugh at their partner’s jokes make the relationship better.

10. Faithful: No one likes to be physically or emotionally cheated on. Everyone needs a loyal partner beside them.



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