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Your Kind of Hug Says a Lot About Your Relationship

A tight hug and a lovely kiss is the best way to express your feelings when you are in love with someone special. There can be many ways in which you can enfold your lover. Every kind of hug is unique and has its own meaning. It can reveal a lot about your relationship. Don’t believe me? Then you must have a look.

1) The wrapped legs Hug
This is one of the sensual and most romantic hug ever. It shows the depth of your qualitative physical relationship and also reveals how much your partner is passionate towards you and loves you more than anyone else.

2) The Buddy Hug
This kind of hug is also denoted as “Partial Hugs”. It signifies that apart from being perfect lovers, both the partners are best buddies too!
3) The Sudden Hugs
In this, if you hug your partner all of a sudden that too in public then this means that you are strongly in love with her and are brave enough to accept it.


4) Backside Hugs
This one is the sweetest hug. If your partner does so then it reveals his overprotective and insecure behaviour for you. This also means that he cares for you a lot.

5) Hug with an eye-contact
It is one of the perfect hugs. It reveals the strong bonding between both of you. You should consider yourself the luckiest one if your partner hugs you in this manner, maintaining a proper eye-contact.

6) Tight Hug
This one symbolizes the purity of your love. It defines the depth of your love. If your partner hugs you in this manner then it truly means that he never wants to lose you.


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