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“Your husband only belongs to you 25%. Learn to share him with other women “- Renowned Islamic Scholar

Ustaz Abdulfattah Adeyemi, a renowned Islamic scholar, told the women that he was very eager on their part to want to have their husbands for themselves.

Adeyemi, who is also the founder of the Baynakum Family Counseling Center, argues that women who try to prevent their husbands from practicing polygamy are “thieves” who want everything for themselves.

He explains to Muslim women that they only have 25% of their husbands, the remaining 75% belonging to other women. He then encouraged them to be happy to share their husbands with other women because men are the angels whom Allah sends to help women.

"Your husband only belongs to you 25%.  Learn to share it with other women "- Dixit a Muslim leader

The cleric said this in an article entitled “Charity, a Path to Jannah”, which he presented in Abuja, Nigeria, at the inauguration of Sisters of Jannah, a charitable organization of Muslim women.

Ustaz urged women “not to refuse polygamy to their husbands”, but only to pray for husbands to treat all their wives in the same way, regardless of the decision made:


“Let me tell you that your husband only belongs to you 25%; your husband is not your property; your only share of it is 25%. The remaining 75% belongs to other women. “

If you want your husband 100%, then you are a thief; you go beyond the 25% that belong to you; the remaining 75% belong to other women “

“Do not think that because you are wives, other women should not share your husband.”
He lamented the behavior of some “overprotective” married women, who refuse men more expression of their desire to have more of wives and are described as “ungodly”.

Ustaz Adeyemi added that overprotective women only serve to make sure that many men find “intelligent ways” to establish illegal relationships outside their marital home. He urged the wives to “stop being unnecessarily jealous of their husbands’ relationships outside.” According to him, men can only be faithful when they die.

“Men are not stupid, they even become intelligent. I do not say that’s what happens every time; but if you think you are too smart, men are smarter. “

“You’ve never been a man before in your life, you can not imagine what’s going on in men’s minds. Let us fear Allah as much as possible. “

“If Allah makes it easy for you, if they ask you to change jobs, please move a little so that others can also sit down. “


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