‘Your Future is in Your Hands, But You Have to Rigister to Vote,’ -Social Media Reacts to General Election Announcement

Robert Hutton, a journalist for Bloomberg, wrote: “My children cannot remember a time I wasn’t covering a general election or referendum.”

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has called for a general election on June 8.

Many have responded negatively to the announcement, saying it causes yet more political uncertainty, while others have expressed fatigue over the number of election and referendum campaigns there have been over the past few years.

Although the election could be catastrophic for the Labour Party, as their polling is at an eight-year low, many Corbynites are excited at the prospect of campaigning for their leader to become Prime Minister.

Paul Mason, a vocal supporter of Jeremy Corbyn and Momentum, wrote: “Yes please, Theresa May: call an election now so majority who do not want hard Brexit can stop it. Labour: Progressive Alliance now!”

However, not everyone was so enthused. One social media user tweeted: “Scottish referendum in 2014, general election in 2015, and EU referendum in 2016. Now snap election in 2017. What a time to be alive.”

Robert Hutton, a journalist for Bloomberg, wrote: “My children cannot remember a time I wasn’t covering a general election or referendum.”

Lily Allen seemed excited as she sent out a typo-riddled message: “YOUNGERS, the Conservatibes don’t care about you. Your future is in YOUR hands, but you HAVE to register to vote”.

However, it appears she is not going to campaign for Labour, but instead someone who will probably not appear on her ballot – she tweeted: “Vote Stormzy”.


Although Jeremy Corbyn has previously called for a snap election, not all of his MPs were impressed by Theresa May’s surprise announcement.

Tom Blenkinsop stood down, writing: “I will not be standing for re election”.

Jess Phillips MP wrote: “So much for putting country before party”, while Andy Burnham fumed: “Tory Party puts its own interests before the national interest.”

Rachel Maskell said: “How much more reckless can she get, in the midst of the most important negotiations over the country’s future.”

Some Corbyn fans have expressed their excitement that the Labour leader could be on course to becoming the Prime Minister – despite the polling.

One tweeted: “YAAAAAAY! Please register to vote! Jeremy Corbyn for Prime minister! BRING IT ON! #JC4PM!”

Another said: “I go to America on June 9th. Hopefully I’ll be celebrating Jeremy Corbyn becoming prime minister.”

And another fan wrote: “Theresa May is the worst thing to happen to the Conservative party and come June Jeremy Corbyn will be our prime minister give me a break”.



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