Your Favourite Colour Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Every one of us has that one favourite colour which we choose to wear frequently and our wardrobe is filled with that colour clothes. But have you ever thought that what this colour signifies? Does it reveal something interesting about me? Yes, it reveals a lot about you as it becomes one of your essential parts. Just check out what does your favourite colour tells about you.


1) Blue
Blue colour stands for reflection, trustworthy and intelligent. People who wear blue a lot are generally calm in nature and reading are their hobby. They are very intellectual in nature.


2) Red
It is known as physical colour which is the first colour detected by the human eye from a distance. Red is considered as a colour of dominance, full of energy and a colour which represents sexual power in many cultures.

3) Yellow
Yellow symbolizes emotions. It is a colour of the sun and that’s why it is so intense. Those people who have yellow as their favourite colour they are optimistic, confident and creative in nature.

4) Green
This colour represents peace and harmony. This colour is easily absorbed by our eyes.


5) Orange
This colour is formed by a combination of passionate red and energetic yellow colour. This signifies fun and warmth.

6) Purple
It is a spiritual colour and represents luxury. It signifies quality.

7) Black
Apart from being the darkest colour, this colour is sophisticated, efficiency and classy. This colour is considered as emotionally safe.

8) White
White colour represents purity, simplicity and cleanliness.

9) Grey
This colour lies between black and white. This colour is quite practical and can work with anything.


10) Brown
This colour is stable, reliable and supportive.


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