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Your Face Has Just Been Scanned; Face Recognition Lands At Airports In Tanzania  

Tanzania is strengthening security around its international airports. Boarding passes now make way for the face, the only thing travelers will need to board an airplane.

Like the airports of Kigali in Rwanda and Luanda in Angola, facial recognition of passengers at check-in desks is on the verge of revolutionizing biometric passports.

The Tanzania Immigration Services Department (TISD) has started using the Integrated Face Recognition System, which will strengthen passenger identification procedures.


“We need more of this technology for all our land, air and sea ports of entry to fight irregular migration along our borders,” commented 7-year-old commissioner Samuel Magweiga of Africa. immigration from Tanzania.

The new  face recognition technology, the site emphasizes, also incorporates advanced document authentication features. She is able to identify fraudulent travel documents such as passports, visas and identity cards.

The solution matches the information contained in the travel document with the traveler’s image capture to ensure reliable identification thereof.

For Miguel Leitmann, CEO of Vision-Box, Tanzania is now in a “reinforced position by adopting the automated biometric Vision-Box technology for border control”.


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