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Young Unmarried Couple Brutally Caned In Indonesia For Being ‘Too Friendly’

A young unmarried woman and a man have been publicly caned in Indonesia’s Aceh province for being “too intimate” with each other.

The two university students, 23-year-old Wahyudi Saputra and 20-year-old Nur Elita, were caned for “khalwat” – affectionate contact – in front of a crowd, according to the The Jakarta Post. They were struck five times each and Elita was reportedly carried by officials to an ambulance after the punishment.


Four other men were caned for “indecency and gambling”, prohibited under Islamic law.

All the victims were punished in the front yard of the Baiturrahim mosque in Banda Aceh, and one onlooker was Deputy Mayor Zainal Arifin.

“Take these punishments as a lesson. What has been done by these convicts should not be taken as an example. And I hope their canings in Meuraxa district today will be the last ever,” he said, according to Antara.



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  1. This is why one should appreciate the “FREEDOMS” this Nation affords its citizens. The separation of Religion from Politics and the Judiciary policies of different countries vary, and one must always be vigilant of that when traveling to such countries. Such differences pertinent to “FREEDOM” make “Democratic Republic” policies targets for such ideologies promoted by “Islamic Theocracies.” It is also the reason why “Democratic Ideology Nations” have a hard time accepting refugees from such “Nations,.” The Political and Philosophical differences are so great, that, they overwhelm the ability of the majority within both “Societies” to establish “Trust” for each other. While this is not complimentary to “Mankind” as a “Species,” it remains a “TRUE REALITY.” A VERY SAD REALITY!

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