Young Nigerian Man Rejoices Over His Father’s Death Online: ‘I Heard A Wonderful News’

The death of a loved one is always accompanied by pain and sadness. But this is not the case for a young Nigerian who has recently lost his father.

The latter, identified as Darren Idongesit, shared a post on his Facebook account, celebrating the death of his father. Darren Idongesit revealed that he wanted to use this opportunity to promote his book “Growing up with a Nigerian psychopath”. Idongesit says his father was mean to him and to everyone.


“Whew! I received good news today. I think my father is dead. For his funeral, I would be happy to take the mike and make a list of all the terrible things he did and say about his loved ones. I would also be happy to promote my book about a child who grew up with a Nigerian psychopath in a foreign country. I hope he spared money for his funeral because I do not think anyone would want to bury this man, the only one who has managed to annoy everyone. I am, however, happy that my actions have changed my life dramatically, and now I know you must not be mean to others. The pain and pains of my childhood made me the man I am. “

“I want to thank the Almighty. I may have my own opinion of my father, that does not mean that others should not have a different opinion, but I firmly believe that he is the only person whose death is a celebration, ” he writes.

The publication of this young man has aroused mixed reactions among Internet users. While some think he has gone too far, others believe that his decision must be respected.


Written by How Africa

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