Young Moroccan Migrants Vow To Pursue Europe Even After Expulsion


Having been expelled from Ceuta, a dozen migrants are still determined to flee Morocco

Young Moroccans are waiting in Fnideq, on the Moroccan side of the border with Spain, in the hope of a new opening towards the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, where thousands of would-be migrants have been flocking since Monday.

“I will try to cross to the other side again. The state gives me nothing here, nothing at all. You work a year without even having the possibility of owning a motorcycle. We have no rights here. There is money there. You can work easily, even the neighbors give you food. They give you sandwiches,” a young migrant said.


“I am 17 years old and this is not the first time that I have tried to immigrate. I’ve been trying Tangier and the region for seven years. Yesterday I came back and they turned me away. I have no alternative here,” another migrant said.

Clashes erupted near Morocco’s border with the Spanish enclave of Ceuta on Wednesday as security forces tried to disperse would-be migrants.

Dozens of mainly young men gathered in nearby squares and clashes erupted when security forces tried to move them away.

About 8,000 people have crossed into Ceuta from Morocco in the past two days in an unprecedented influx.

Most of them swam around breakwaters and across the border to reach the Spanish enclave in North Africa.


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