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Young Clinton Student Named Mutt-i-grees National Ambassador

Gracie Kate Lee, 11, of Clinton is a Mutt-i-grees National Student Ambassador. She has a menagerie of animals, including this Nigerian Dwarf goat she calls Mr. Nibbles Jr. Gracie recently attended a two-day celebration in New York City, where she received a Crystal Collar award from the North Shore Animal League America, which sponsors the Mutt-i-grees Curriculum in schools across the United States.
Visitors to the home of Gracie Kate Lee, 11, might have expected to meet her parents, and even her sister, but they might not have expected the menagerie of animals that quickly made their presence known when a car pulled up in the driveway, and even more so, when there was a knock on the door. Sandy, a yellow mixed Labrador, silently greeted visitors in the driveway. Flower, a beagle; Dempsie, a black dachshund; and Bob, a red dachshund, vocally greeted visitors as they prepared to come in the back door. A big white cat, Mama Kitty, looked up from her spot in the sun on the carport. Mr. Nibbles Jr., one of six Nigerian Dwarf goats, bleated out a welcome from a fenced area near the 20-plus chickens, many of which produce fresh eggs. Gracie loves them all.
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