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You’ll Want To See This Azealia Banks Message To Obama: ‘I Want a President Who Isn’t Afraid to Kill for What He Believes In’!!

 Azealia Banks is done with President Barack Obama not aligning himself with Black interests. The rapper posted a lengthy Instagram message in response to Obama’s message on the Baton Rouge, Louisiana shooting July 17. In a post made the same day, she lashed out at the leader of the free world for making gay marriage legal and issuing reparations for the Holocaust, but not lifting “a single finger”  for the Black community.

“You sat in the White House and let your people die in the streets and didn’t do a god—- thing about it,” she wrote.

On Sunday morning, Atlanta Black Star reported via Twitter that a gunman was involved in a shootout with Baton Rouge police, killing three officers. In a statement, Obama called the act unjustifiable.

“These attacks are the work of cowards who speak for no one. They right no wrongs. They advance no causes,” he added in part.

The Baton Rouge shooting follows Micah Xavier Johnson’s shooting and killing of five police in Dallas during a July 7 protest. Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were killed days earlier, on July 5 and 6, respectively. The two men were killed by law enforcement in Baton Rouge and Falcon Heights, Minnesota, respectively.

Banks, who is banned from Twitter, aimed her criticism at Obama after not only Sterling and Castile’s deaths but the many other Black men and women slain by cops.

“No Obama. You’re wrong,” she wrote in all caps. “Just because you’re afraid of seeming too in line or in support of Black interests doesn’t mean you get to keep spitting in our f—— faces like this.”



“I completely understand that you will be killed by the white supremacy, if you were to stand on the side of Black people but saying s— like this is making it worse. For all of us,” she continued before adding “we all know yo Black a— ain’t gonna do s— for us.”

“I don’t want a leader who is afraid to die. I want a leader who isn’t afraid to kill for what he believes in. And you obviously don’t believe in s—” Banks went on. She concluded Obama was “making black people look bad” by “following the rules” of white supremacy.

The post was later deleted, but commenters were able to voice their opinion on the matter elsewhere online.

Brenda Williams wrote the star “sounds stupid” and should do her part by putting on a benefit concert instead of ranting on social media.


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  1. The Obama’s are politicians and it was said that he would fall in line like all the rest or join others before his time, now that was a threat yet it was being circulated massively and not underground but mainstream. Did we here any speeches given from any administration in outrage over these comments ? “Hell No” they let the devil’s speak freely all the while labeling his wife a black”chimpanzee” when they weren’t accusing her of being a liar about her true gender accusing her of being a butt ugly built like a man who acts like man transgender apparently with her undercover bisexuals Islamic husband who Satan’s reincarnate conjured up to destroy their beautiful precious America with their poor kids who probably aren’t even there’s because how could his undercover man wife give birth these people are evil and it’s clear that they haven’t gave a rat’s behind about Obama this country and dam sure not blacks they are phonies completely self absorbed and frankly I don’t give a shit who the next poor sucker is to take office…phew had to release for a moment anyway (children of adoption apparently) where were the CIA, FBI, and a host of other alphabet agencies to stand up and make an example out of any jackass that wanted a piece of them for offending the President of the United States of America and the first family…I gave up on America a long time ago because I have known what they are built up off of and fueled by and each and every time that Obama speaks against the same black ethnicities that he claims kinship to himself then I reminisce on their gratitude by reflecting upon their remarks he and Michelle and their kids are nothing more than rich niggers before their eyesight and if after eight years in office and yet they still can’t see it then clearly the lunacy has been reflected by more grey hairs they’ve driven the man crazy obviously so now we need to focus on the rest of us who do see and care and leave politicians to wallow in their own ignorance self-denial and dulusionalism leave politics alone they play far too many games and the ones they defend who don’t defend them said this “oh the Obama’s they won’t gonna do shit”…it was probably that same night that they had served up double doses of the loop aid !

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