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You Won’t Believe: The Top 3 Poorest Celebrities

Most of us associate celebrities with fame, fortune, and especially money. However, there are many celebrities that are facing financial problems because of bad investments or frivolous spending. With the large amount of money that celebrities generate, one would think they would not have any financial problems. Here are the 14 poorest celebrities that may have less money than you:
Allen Iverson

1. Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson, an 11 time NBA All-star who was rookie of the year in 1996, earned more than $200 million during his basketball career. The infamous “thug cornrows” were made popular because of Iverson. However, in 2012 Iverson lost his fortune due to frivolous spending. The former basketball star was in debt to a jeweler for around $860,000. Iverson also had a gambling problem, which contributed to his loss of funds. It was reported that Iverson lost over $1 million gambling in Atlantic City, in one night. In 2008, Iverson purchased a luxurious mansion in Denver for almost $4 million, which was sold for $2.85 million during foreclosure. The basketball star also lost his mansion in Atlanta during foreclosure, which was sold at half the price Iverson purchased the property for.


Chris Tucker

2. Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker is known for his comedic roles in Rush Hour and Friday. However, the actor has reportedly lost his fortune due to financial problems with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Tucker is in debt to the IRS for an estimated $12 million, and the actor was facing prison time because of the back taxes. The actor owes the state of Georgia $590,000 in taxes. Aside from his tax problems, the actor’s Florida mansion, valued at $6 million, was sent through foreclosure. The actor stated he is not able to pay for the property, and he still owes Sun Trust Bank around $4.4 million on the estate.

Nicolas Cage @ TIFF

3. Nicolas Cage

With lead roles in National Treasure, Gone in 60 Seconds, and Leaving Las Vegas, it would seem the actor would have a hard time getting into financial difficulty. However, in 2008 the academy award winning actor faced financial turmoil. Cage was reported to owe the government $6 million in back taxes. The actor, who has been in over seventy films, blamed his former manager for his financial catastrophe. However, his strange collection of dinosaur skulls and castles have certainly contributed to his financial problems. The actor has several films that are near being released, including The Croods 2, hopefully the actor will be able to bounce back from his recent financial troubles.



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