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You Think A Luxurious Car Or Home Is Expensive, Check Out These Outrageously Expensive Liquids In The World

What commodity do you consider to be expensive? Cars? Private jets? These are the kind of things that usually come to mind when you’re asked to think of something expensive. But, what if someone asks you to name a liquid that is this expensive? What would you say?
In fact, the only liquid most of you will be able to think of is water, and that, as we all know, doesn’t really count as expensive (strictly talking in monetary terms, of course).
In fact, after much thought, one might even come to the conclusion that there aren’t many liquids which can be called expensive.
However, such a conclusion would be wrong. And, to prove that, here we are with a list of most expensive liquids found on this planet. Also, in case you think that alcohol is featuring in the list, you’re completely wrong!
Check it out!

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1. Human blood

Blood shouldn’t cost a lot because it is relatively in abundance, right? But frankly, that doesn’t help lower the cost of blood at all. The cost of blood mainly depends on the blood type – there are a few types which are quite rare, and thus are quite expensive.
But apart from that, it’s the cost of processing which makes it so damn expensive.

2. Gamma Hydroxybutyric Acid (GHB)

GHB is a naturally occurring substance found in the human body’s nervous system. It is also sold on the streets as an illegal drug, and goes by the name ‘liquid ecstasy.’

3. Black Printer Ink

4. Mercury

Mercury – the only metal to be in liquid form at room temperature, was once used in medicine. But afterward it was found to have toxic effects, its use was diverted to non-biological work, such as in fluorescent bulbs.


5. Insulin

The pancreas produces insulin in the human body. However, those suffering from diabetes often struggle to produce enough insulin, and so would need biochemically produced insulin to help meet their needs. While it sure is cheaper than the organic one, it is quite an expensive liquid.

6: Chanel No. 5

Having existed on the face of this earth since 1922, Chanel No. 5 is one of the most expensive perfumes and an extremely expensive brand.

7. Horseshoe crab blood

Horseshoe crab blood is needed in high quantities as it is used to determine whether a medical product is contaminated.

8. LSD

It was one of the most popular drugs back in the 60s and 70s and was often used by hippies. It is known to have caused the user to ‘trip’ and have hallucinations.

9. King Cobra Venom

King cobra is one of the most poisonous snakes on earth. And its venom is an essential ingredient in making strong painkillers, and antivenoms.

10. Scorpion venom

Only a few kinds of scorpions contain venoms that are deadly to the human kind, and their venom is extremely costly. It is so because its venom is used for several medicinal purposes.


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