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You Need to See this Rare 3,800-Year-Old Figurine In Israel

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A beautiful rare 3,800-year-old figurine showing a seated person, apparently deep in thought, has been unveiled in Israel.

The figurine was discovered recently in excavations at Yehud, east of Tel Aviv, causing controversy about how and when it was buried there.

“Such a unique ceramic vessel, which is the first we’ve found, within the context of the grave, can indicate that an important person was buried there,” Gilad Itach, Israel antiquities authority excavation director, told AFP news agency.

Although the purpose of the figurine was not completely clear but it was found in a grave alongside other funerary offerings including daggers, arrowheads, and an axe head.

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The findings date from the Middle Bronze Age, also known as the Canaanite period, but it is impossible to say who the creators of the objects and the person buried at the site were since they left no writing, Itach added.

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