You MUST pay attention to this sign on the toothpaste, here is what it means!

Most of the people, when buying a toothpaste, only read the label. But, how many of them actually read what is on the bottom of the toothpaste package? Do you have any idea how important that is?

The bottom of the toothpaste reveals something of crucial importance. It says whether the paste is made out of organic substances or not.

Go to the bathroom and take a look at the bottom of your toothpaste. There should be a square of the color blue, red or black. These little squares tell the quality of the paste.

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Here is how the scheme of the colors:

  • if your toothpaste has a black square on the bottom, then it means that it contains only chemicals
  • if your toothpaste has a red square on it’s bottom, it signifies that this paste is made out of combinations of chemicals and natural substances.
  • if the square on the bottom of your toothpaste is blue, it signifies that the paste contains only natural substances and drugs.
  • And finally, if the square you see on the bottom is the color green, this means that the toothpaste contains all-natural ingredients.
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Preserving the health of your teeth is crucial to your overall health. So, always remember this – next time you go to the market, stop at the isle where the toothpastes are.


Take the toothpaste you usually use and open it. See what kind of color is the square at the bottom. If it is anything but green, return it immediately.

If you do not feel like checking all the toothpastes there are, make sure you ask an employee, they will definitely be of an assistance to you.

It is okay if you even take a paste with a blue square, but make the green one your priority. Put the health of your oral cavity first.

You will notice the change within the first week of changing the toothpaste.



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