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“You May Like R. Kelly, But You Might Not Like Robert,” Says His Ex-wife

Drea Kelly, the ex-wife of the famous American singer R. Kelly, made a video exit during which she invites the fans of the artist to make the difference between the singer R. kelly that they like and ex-husband Robert Sylvester Kelly who is more of a sexual predator.

In this video where she says ” You can like R. Kelly, but you might not like Robert ” Drea Kelly obviously does not serve her ex-husband who is accused of sexual assault on minors.

« Vous pouvez aimer R. Kelly, mais vous pourriez ne pas aimer Robert » déclare son ex-femme

Drea explains that the day she realized that her husband was not the same person, she was deeply saddened. What her husband represented on the public stage was completely different from what it really is.


”  That’s why I often say that you like R Kelly, but you may not like Robert,” she says. “The day I escaped it was an awareness that these doors on our property were not meant to stop people from entering … but to keep me inside.  “ She added.

« Vous pouvez aimer R. Kelly, mais vous pourriez ne pas aimer Robert » déclare son ex-femme

As a reminder, R.Kelly’s problems began after the documentary ” Surviving R. Kelly ” was released . In this documentary film, the singer is accused by several women of rape, sexual violence and the production of child pornography. The singer is currently in detention and several charges are brought against him.


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