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You Have Been Roasting Your Potatoes Wrong All This While

All cooks know you should parboil potatoes before tossing them in to broil – yet to what extent do you abandon them on the hob for?

The vast majority go for a couple of minutes, likely ten and no more, so simply enough so they’re diminished.

And that’s not all, he suggests popping the peelings in the water to amp up the taste.

Part of the reason for cooking spuds first is so they are soft enough to get scuffed up when you drain them. It’s those peaks and notches which go crispy in the oven.

But another tip is to take a fork to score them after the parboil.


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It works in much the same way as marking a cottage pie topping before you pop it in the oven – the ridges will go nice and crispy.

What fat you use to roast is up to you, but there’s another secret when it comes to the tray you use to roast your potatoes in.

That’s because metal is better at conducting heat, so it gets hot quicker and will help your roasties brown and go crisp faster.

So there you have it, how to make the perfect roast potato.


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