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You Ever Wonder What Rattles In The Tail Of A Snake- See For Yourself (Video)


A man decides to take its curiosity to another level by checking out what actually rattles in the tail of a snake. I bet you wonder sometimes what could be in an object that makes it behave the way it does. Curiosity is always the mother of new inventions.

As we all know, Rattlesnake rattle works like a warning device for predatory animals that might be a threat to the rattlesnake. It produces a signal to drive them away. It is said to be composed of a series of hollow, interlocked segments made of keratin.


By the way, the muscles that cause the rattle to shake are some of the fastest known, firing 50 times per second on average, sustained for up to three hours, can you imagine that? Are you able to shake anything 50 times a second for 3 hours?

You need to see this…


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