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You Die In These Listed Cities, Then You Are A Criminal- Death Here Is Illegal, Not Allowed

Did you know there were some places around the world where you’re not allowed to die? In some of them, it’s even considered ‘illegal’!

Here are nine of them listed for you.

1. Itsukushima

In Itsukushima, an island which is regarded as sacred according to the religion Shintoism, and its religious followers are ardent on keeping the island’s purity by ensuring that it’s not allowed by somebody to die.

This island of Japan had this regulation in place since the year 1878, which stopped people from giving birth or from dying on the island.

2. Sellia

On an island of Italy having a small population of only five hundred and thirty seven people, most of them have crossed their sixties.

Though, in 1960s, the population was thrice that number.

The mayor obviously scared of the health issues of the island’s population, made it necessary to get regular health checkups. After, he announced that it was ‘forbidden to get ill within the municipality’ and that ‘dying is prohibited’.

3. Lanjaron

The Andalucian village of Lanjaron located in Spain is facing the problem with non-availability of burial space, its 4000 residents are forbidden to die, aka, rest in peace.

The law was made to answer the opponents looking for a quick fix to the problem, but it will stay in place until the government makes avail money and place to the villagers to construct a cemetery.

4. Longyearbyen

The all year frosted town of Longyearbyen in the Svalbard Islands of Norway, has a tragic reason to forbid death.

In a nutshell, the dead bodies don’t decay due to the permafrost in the region, and the bodies are well-preserved.

So, if someone is very ill, they’re taken to other farthest regions in Norway away from the town.


5. Falciano del Massico

Again, facing the same reason as Sellia, this town in Italy has also issued a similar rule which says, ‘It is forbidden for residents to go beyond the boundaries of earthly life, to go into the afterlife’.

The mayor had to issue the statement as they had no place to bury their dead.

6. Sarpourenx

The picturesque town of France imposes sanctions on people as everyone is forbidden for death.

The rule was made after a French court denied an request to expand their existing cemetery.

7. Biritiba-Mirim

In 2005, the mayor passed a public bill in this town of Brazil that it’s illegal to die as it’s an environmental risk.

The mayor argued that to the deforestation of the rainforest which surrounded the village which be an environmental risk and he could not afford to pollute the rivers with decaying bodies.

However, a cemetery was constructed in the year 2010.

8. Le Lavandou

In an akin situation, the mayor of this town in France passed a bill prohibiting people to die because he was denied the permission to construct a cemetery.

The citizens also held sympathy for the mayor’s decision but death is inevitable, so the people’s bodies are either returned to their homes’ region, or they are placed in pigeon-holes urns.


Again, in a very similar situation, the mayor was denied the space to construct a cemetery on a vacant airfield in the year 2007, as they ran out of burial space.

So, he passed a law prohibiting death, making it illegal for people to die.


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