You Can Now Watch Whatsapp Videos Sent To You Without Downloading It

Do you know that you can now watch a video on Whatsapp without downloading it first? Hitherto, you would have to download the video before you can actually watch it on your device. Now you can stream while you download if you want.

Whatsapp is rolling out this feature on android devices for now. It is expected to be available on other platforms in the coming days.


To use this feature, you will have to download the latest WhatsApp beta app that you can get on the Play Store. Now however, instead of a download button, you see a play button. When you tap the button, the video will start buffering, and you will be able to watch the video while it is being downloaded on your phone.

Whatsapp recently introduced a video calling feature which will bring more tears to the eyes of telco operators as this further eats into their revenue streams


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