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Yannick Leyka Made a Promise to His Mother When He Was 5, and Has Fulfilled It by Becoming a Doctor

Achievement is sweet, and for a Twitter user who has been distinguished as Yannick Leyka, this is plainly apparent. He has charmed social media after he shared his account of satisfying childhood dream to his mom.

His story is the exemplification of what diligent work and sheer assurance yield into. At the point when Leyka was just 5, he officially set for himself the direction he needed to follow throughout everyday life, and was enthused about accomplishing this – he needed to end up a specialist. What’s more, there is one all the more thing that even fuelled this assurance to work out as intended – he made a guarantee to his mom at that arrange that he would have to be a doctor.

Quick forward 22 years after the fact, he is currently a doctor, and has satisfied his childhood dream and his promise to his mom. At 27, he has moved on from Wits University.


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