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Yahya Jammeh Will Be Back Soon? An Audio Recording Sows Panic in the Heart of Gambians

In The Gambia, an audio recording announcing the return of Yahya Jammeh creates psychosis. “I’m working on something”, that’s what we hear in a voice that resembles that of the former Gambian president. Indeed, the sound has not yet been authenticated, but it circulates with great fanfare in Gambian social networks since last Friday.

The recording of a phone call longer than 8 minutes means a project for the return of the former Gambian president.

Yahya Jammeh is currently in exile in Equatorial Guinea and her political party APRC is on the brink of implosion.

The call also includes a voice from Yankuba Colley, national mobilizer of the Patriotic Alliance for Reorientation and Construction (APRC).

On the menu of their discussion, which was sometimes in English, sometimes in the socle language, there were tensions within the old ruling party. While many members of Jammeh’s party joined the Barrow camp, there was a struggle within the APRC between Fabakary Tombong Jatta, acting president of the party, and Ma Ba, his deputy.

Is Jammeh preparing for his return?

In the audio recording, we hear the voice of Yahya Jammeh announcing his return to The Gambia. “Allah willing, everything will be fine. I’m working on something, “he says, without giving more details. In addition, he adds: “when I return to The Gambia, no spirit or human being can oppose it “.

Words that scare the Gambian people. When he left in January 2017, the former tenant of the Gambian presidential palace had promised to return. “I’ll be back, I’ll be back” (he’ll come back, I’ll come back), he had started.

When he left office, Yahya Jammeh signed a pact with ECOWAS. However, even if he was no longer involved in Gambian internal affairs, the clause of his return to politics later remained unclear.


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