“Xenophobia Is An International Shame And Democratic Setback – Nelson Mandela Foundation

The Nelson Mandela Foundation has added its voice to the denouncement of late xenophobic attacks in the South Africa. They urged the administration to act swiftly to stop the situation and approach wronged gatherings to accept peaceful dialogue.

The foundation which was set up  to preserve the legacy of South Africa’s first black president, Nelson Mandela called on the entire South African society to fight what it referred to as ‘‘a phenomenon which has been troubling our democracy for a long time.’‘

According to a statement released by the Foundation, the attacks had brought the rainbow nation international shame and that there was the need to arrest the situation which had the potential of rolling back democratic gains the country has made.

‘‘Inaction in this matter will have far-reaching implications for South Africa and set us back decades as a stable democracy.

‘‘We call on all South Africans to take responsibility for embracing the hospitality that defines our democratic order and to work together to find solutions to a problem which is destroying lives and bringing South Africa shame internationally,’‘ the statement read.

Furthermore, they criticized the decision by security officers to grant permission for a ‘hate march.’ ‘‘The Foundation expresses shock and takes exception to the authorities’ decision giving permission for a march of hatred in Tshwane.’‘ The foundation advocates for non-violent measures primarily the use of dialogue to express grievances.


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