Valerie Spruill: Ohio Woman Realizes Her Late Husband Was Her Father!!

An Ohio woman is so horrified by a recent revelation that she has had to seek therapy. Valerie Spruill found out that her late husband was also her biological father. A DNA test has confirmed that 60 year old Spruill was married to her father, Percy.


The Doylestown, Ohio resident has three children and eight grandchildren. She is now on a mission to find her other siblings from her Father.

Speaking to the Akron Beacon Journal, she said,

“It needs to be told, because children need to know where they come from. And I know it hurts, because I have been devastated by this.”

Since she was three months old, Spruill  has been taken care of by her grandparents. Her mother was what she calls a “night-lady” and her father (also her husband) was only 15 years old when he was intimate with her mother.



Written by How Africa

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