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Wrongfully Convicted Man Who Exonerated Himself While in Prison Launches Non-Profit to Help Others


55-year old Clyde Beasley was wrongfully incarcerated for many years in the state of California. However, while behind bars, he was able to skillfully exonerate himself and get his case overturned. Now as a free man, he has launched The Prison Reform Project to help other innocent prisoners and their families.

In addition to bringing more awareness to wrongful convictions and the need for prison reform, his non-profit organization also focuses on giving comfort and guidance to families and their loved ones who are in prison.Clyde comments, “I served many years in state and federal prisons, and six of those years was for a crime that I simply did not commit. However, I am now a fully rehabilitated man seeking redemption as the creator of this powerful platform which is designed to educate and empower both men and women who are caught up in the American prison pipeline.”

He was inspired to launch his organization after learning that there are more people in prison in the United States than in any other country in the world, and that 33% of all inmates in the U.S. are African American.

“There are thousands of people in prison who may have been guilty of their crimes, but have simply been over sentenced,” says Clyde. “Not to mention the almost 100,000 people in prison for marijuana crimes, and now marijuana is legal in almost every state.”

His organization is one of many initiatives that have been recently launched to bring more awareness to this national crisis, and some new changes have been implemented. For example, the state of Connecticut recently just became the first state to make phone calls free for inmates and their families. In addition, the state of Louisiana has decided to increase the compensation awarded to innocent people who have been wrongfully convicted of a crime from $25K to $40K for every year spent in prison.


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