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Wristwatch; This is Why Most Celebrities Never Play With Wearing It

“Time is money” is often said. That’s why many people give a particular value to their wristwatch. Whether they are celebrities of football, basketball, cinema, song, or actors of Hollywood, all are concerned by the wearing of the watches because everything is question of personality. For you, you give importance just because they make you elegant.

But why do you really have to wear watches? Discover the answer in six points:

To show you respectful and responsible

Punctuality is a quality tacitly sought during a commitment or a business meeting since it is a form of respect and politeness. In addition to irresponsibility, it is a lack of respect to be late for an appointment.

To create a good business environment around you

Sometimes your profession leads you to show success in a visible way. For a professionally successful consultant, a watch on your wrist can only demonstrate to your customers that you are a seasoned professional. Success and its brands are always trusted, though you should not go too far.

For the good style

The watches if they are accompanied by a good look gives you a particular style and makes you look stylish. So dare to affirm how important you find the time factor to afford its measuring tool.

To remember memories

If you inherit a watch, then take care of it because they recall the personality of the wearer and allows to honor the memory of the latter.

Some models have become mythical through their passage in history, wear them also commemorate such an event.

To assert your identity


The watch can show his profession or his belonging. This is how an astronomer wears a watch that displays astronomical data such as the lunar phases, or that an athlete has a chronograph model. A doctor may also choose a watch with a second hand to take the pulse of a patient. A swimmer can choose to wear a watch that is compatible with water. But far from it, the type of watch you wear also tells the category of person you are.

To pass a visual message

Surely you have already been in an interesting discussion or not when you are caught in time. It is therefore necessary to shorten the conversation without any vexing the opposite person. Glancing at his watch can be a signal for the other, so that he understands that it is going to be time to separate. This gesture actually works quite often with the subliminal message it sends.

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