Crashed EgyptAir MS804 Wreckage Finally Found

Remains of the missing EgyptAir MS804 airbus have been discovered almost a month after the plane was reported to have crashed into the Mediterranean Sea, an Egyptian search and rescue crew has announced.

Without disclosing the size of the wreckage, Egyptian officials said several main locations of the plane and its contents had been identified, adding that the first images of the debris have already been dispatched.

According to officials, the remains were discovered on Wednesday and immediately a team of investigators was formed to design maps of the wreckage that would help in the search and recovery process.

“A meeting was held between the investigation committee members to study thoroughly the progressive actions taken during the past period and in order to plan how to best handle the wreckage in the coming period,” the Egyptian Ministry of Aviation said in a statement.

EgyptAir MS804

Remains of EgyptAir MS804 recovered from the Mediterranean Sea. IB Times

EgyptAir MS804 Black Boxes

In the statement issued on Wednesday, there was no news of the vital black boxes even as investigators warn that the boxes could stop transmitting signals in a week’s time.

On June 1, a French naval search vessel announced it had picked signals originating from one of MS804’s black boxes, but two weeks later none has been recovered.


Egypt has also deployed a robot submarine vessel to assist in the search for the boxes.

Black boxes carry important flight data that could help investigators unravel the cause of the crash.

EgyptAir Victims

Lebanese film director Osman Abu Laban, who lost four relatives in the plane crash, is comforted. BBC

Mysterious Disappearance of EgyptAir MS804

EgyptAir MS804 (en route to Egypt from France) went missing over the Mediterranean Sea on May 19 with 66 passengers and crew on board. Egyptian officials had initially linked the mysterious disappearance to terror activity but later retracted, asking everyone not to draw conclusions until investigations were complete.

It was later confirmed that EgyptAir MS804 had crashed into the Mediterranean. Immediately, a search crew drawn from France, Egypt and the United States was deployed.

According to EgyptAir officials, signals from the airbus showed the presence of smoke in the cockpit and the toilet minutes before the crash. A day after the disappearance, some debris was recovered 290 km north of Alexandria, Egypt.

While Egyptian officials still insist that possibility of a terror attack cannot be ruled out, no terror group has claimed responsibility for the crash.


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