World’s Top 7 Albinos Who Are Supermodels.. 3 Of Them Are From Africa

They were teased as children for their unconventional skin tones and some of them even nearly gave up on their lives.

Albinos worldwide face constant ridicule from society because most people refuse to see past their non-pigmented skins.

However, a number of albinos have defied the odds of being outcasts for life, to rising to become some of the most sought after supermodels of their time.

The following 7 models who suffer from albinism will change your mind about the condition.

1. Sanele Junior Xaba


Sanele is South African. His journey to self-acceptance was long, until he was spotted by a South African modelling agency that boosted his confidence to a whole new level. He has appeared in magazines such as GQ and Marie Claire.

2. Diandra Forrest


Her name is Diandra Forrest – one of few female models with albinism. But the lack of melanin in her skin has not stopped her from becoming the best version of herself. She even featured in Kanye West’s video for his single ‘Power.’

3. Thando Hopa



South African model Thando is attempting to change that the perception of albinism in her country and the world with her fierce outlooks which graces many screens and pages. Hopa has been deemed “the new face of fashion” and “fashion’s new colour.”

4. Amal Sofi


Amal is an 18-year-old Russian model and although his skin lacks pigment, he has the face of a god. So handsome it hurts.

5. Connie Chiu


Connie Chiu is from Hong Kong but due to her skin and eyes’ intolerance for the sun, her family moved to Sweden when she was 7. She later moved to London to become a supermodel.

6. Refilwe Modiselle


Modiselle is the first woman with albinism to walk a runway in South Africa because she’s a damn BOSS LADY. Her albinism she says, is what she has over other models who are rather too common.

7. Shaun Ross


Shaun Ross is one of the most sought after models in the world today. He has walked for Alexander McQueen, featured in editorials for Italian Vogue and GQ, and starred in numerous music videos.


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