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WoW! No Country Does This- China Showcases Its Nuclear Submarine For Public Viewing

 In a recent interview conducted in Beijing, the country showed off a nuclear power equipped submarine to renew confidence in public regarding their growing power. Crucial decisions will be taken in the coming Plenum of the Communist party and it will mean a lot for the president

Let’s find out more on this.

No country has ever put a nuclear powered ballistic missile for public viewing before. China is seriously taking a bold move.

It is meant to establish a closer connection with public.

Government experts are saying that displaying power equipment in front of the public is a plan made by Xi Jinping as a means to influence greater sections of the society. Xi Jinping also wants the public to have confidence in the military and navy weapons of the country.

The submarine was towed to a port of the Chinese Navy Museum.

This was done in Qingdao, a coastal city in the Shandong province of China.

This missile is proof that China handles nuclear power.

The safe handling and transport of this submarine into Qingdao is proof that China has been able to operate and safely control nuclear power.

Thus proving, this isn’t the first time China experienced nuclear power.

China being a developing country has been trying to gain superiority as compared to the western nations since years now. Such a bold move!

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