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Wow! This Couple From Kolhapur Got Married While Hanging 90 Feet Above The Ground!

Adventure lovers have their own sense and direction of living their lives. They aren’t governed by the usual norms, and they go out of their way if it gives them their fix of adrenaline.


Trek lovers Jaydeep Jadhav and Reshma Patil from Kolhapur decided to take a different approach to getting married, and did that while hanging on a ropeway 90 feet above the ground in the scenic valley of Pawankhind.


Both of them were mountain lovers, and that’s how they met. So they decided to hold the ceremony amidst the mountains and valleys. Even the Pandit was suspended on the ropeway to officiate the ceremony. Of course, since they’re serious mountain lovers, all safety precautions were taken for everyone.


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