Worried About Your Black Son? Join Moms of Black Boys United

Founder of Moms of Black Boys United (M.O.B.B. United) opens up about the experiences that led to the creation of the group.

When Depelsha Thomas McGruder woke up to news of a Black man having been killed by police in Minnesota one Thursday morning, she was left paralyzed. Before retiring to bed the night before, she had seen the news of Alton Sterling’s murder at the hands of cops. Once she realized that this was a different case from the one she had seen the previous night, she decided that this was the time for action. That action was the creation of a Facebook group called MOBB, Mothers of Black Boys, who are fighting against police brutality. She opens up today about how the group has grown exponentially since its inception and how they are trying to change things for the better as mothers of Black boys.


To learn more about Moms of Black Boys United, go to If you are a mom of a Black son and would like to join the private Facebook group, go to Supporters can follow the organization on Twitter and Instagram @mobbunited.



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