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World’s Top 7 Countries With The Most Anti-Black Musicians!!

Czech Republic hate band

Czech Republic

Close to 20 bands that have hate or anti-Black messages make their home in the former Czechoslovakia. One of the bands is called Apartheid. Other bands: SAD, Conflict 88 and Excalibur.

Band called Hate


At least 30 hate bands come from this small country. There is a band with the actual name of Hate, which started in 1990 and continues to thrive. The group’s members are ATF Sinner, Destroyer, Hexen and Mortifer. Other bands: Graveland, White Fist and Thunderbolt.

Open Season from Australia


More than 15 hate bands do their thing Down Under. Jim, the leader of Open Season (you can extrapolate what that means), said in an interview about the ills of the world: “Undoubtedly, the Zionist controlled media. They force this ghetto hood rap music (crap) down our children’s throats. They inundate the TV with shows that always show the Blacks as cool and trendy and they show the white kid as the nerdy, stupid one or the nasty ones. The Blacks in these shows never hate whitey. They never are violent, rob or do drugs. They are clean cut, cool kids. They all talk and you can actually understand what they say, unlike real life where they just mumble out some kind of crap before they want to mug you or steal from you.” Other bands: Death’s Head, Blood Oath and Southern Cross.

Sweden's Saga



Fifty-plus bands rock hate in their music in this country. Saga (above) is a Swedish nationalist. She and her music were mentioned by Anders Behring Breivik in his manifesto that was e-mailed to 1,003 addresses about 90 minutes before he detonated a bomb in Oslo, Norway, on July 22, 2011. Other bands: White Warriors, Heroes in the Snow and Somalia Kickers.

Anti-Black band Code of Violence

United States

More than 100 bands and artists pushing violence and hate reside in the home of the brave, land of the free. Code of Violence, Definite White Hate, Blue-Eyed Devils, Dirty White Punks and People Haters are among the litany of anti-Black people artists.



More than 100 bands with venomous messages and desires are prominent in Adolf Hitler’s country. There is a band called Hate Society, which pretty much sums up its animus about people in general, Blacks in particular. One of their songs is called “Strength Thru Blood.” Some other band names from Germany are Absurd, Die Harte and Might of Rage.


Klansmen band, England


There are nearly 50 bands in England that spew hate themes and messages, including a band called The Klansmen. It’s considered a “white power rockabilly band” that is a side project of Ian Stuart from a group called Skrewdriver. Some of their songs include “Fetch the Rope” and “Join the Klan.” Other bands include: Brutal Attack, No Remorse and White Law.


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