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World’s Top 12 Worst Baby Shower Cakes EVER

Baby showers. Plenty of gushing females together in one room, judging your presents for the soon-to-be mom. If this sounds like your nightmare, here’s how you can stir it up a little: simply bake a delicious cake. Fortunately, we’ve already collected some inspiration for you.

1. “Here, have a piece of my… um… yeah.”


2. This will surely not make the future mom any less anxious about giving birth.


3. “Ready or not, here I come, you can’t hide…”


4. They even got the stretch marks right.


5. What the… ?! Well done for scaring the sh*t out of all females that ever want to have kids.



6. It’s all fun and games until someone has to cut the baby… cake.

baby cake

7. Why a Zombie baby, though?


8. OMG, too real! Way too real! Don’t eat the baby!


9. So many things to look forward to.


10. Let’s hope the baby won’t come out like this.

11. Thanks for reminding us how babies are made, we forgot.


12. Army baby? Zombie baby? Army zombie baby?


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