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Here Are The World’s Top 10 Richest Football Clubs

Deloitte recently released its annual Football Money League report where it ranked the most money-making football clubs of 2014/2015. Here are the top 10

10. Juventus – Italy

Football Juventus

Juventus is the most well-supported football club in all of Italy with an estimated 12-million supporters, making up about 29% of Italy’s football fan base. It was originally founded in 1987. Juve – the club’s colloquial reference – is the third-oldest club of its kind in Italy.

2014/15 Income: $369 million 

9. Liverpool – United Kingdom

Football Liverpool

Liverpool Football Club was founded in 1892 and became part of the Football League in 1983. The clubs long-standing rivalries include Manchester United and Everton. Liverpool has won five European cups, three UEFA Cups, seven FA Cups, 15 FA Community Shields and holds 18 league titles.

2014/15 Income: $446 million 

8. Chelsea – United Kingdom

Football Chelsea

Chelsea Football Club is based in Fulham, London. The club was founded in 1905 and had its first major success 50 years later in 1955 where its won the league championship. It’s had a bit of a bad season, which subsequently saw manager Jose Mourhino being fired, but this hasn’t had a huge impact on the club’s revenue.

2014/15 Income: $478 million 

7. Arsenal – United Kingdom

Football Arsenal

While Arsenal is the seventh-richest club in the world, it also has the fifth-largest fan base in the world on social media. According to Forbes, the club is worth a massive $1,3 billion. Arlene Wenger, the club’s manager, has played a big role in its success and has been with them for almost 20 years.

2014/15 Income: $496 million 

6. Manchester City – United Kingdom

Football Manchester City

Manchester City Football Club won the the Premier League in 2012 and in 2014. It’s the world’s fifth most-valuable team with an estimated worth of $1,3 billion (R18,81 billion), according to Forbes. The club is owned by investors from the Abu Dhabi United Group who’ve been working hard to put the team at the top of its game.

2014/15 Income: $528 million 


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5. Bayern Munich – Germany

Football Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich Football Club, more popularly referred to as FC Bayern Munich, is the only German team listed in the top 10 of the richest football clubs in the world and is the country’s most successful club in history. It’s won 25 national titles and 17 national cups.

2014/15 Income: $539 million 

4. Paris Saint-Germain – France

Football PSG

Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, known as PSG, was created in 1970 through the merger of the Paris Football Club and the State Saint-Germain club. The team has since won one UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and one UEFA Intertoto Cup, and are France’s most successful football club.

2014/15 Income: $547 million 

3. Manchester United – United Kingdom

Football Manchester United

Manchester United Football Club is one of the few football clubs in the world to have a public listing on the New York Stock Exchange in 2012. Nicknamed “the Red Devils”, Manchester United have won 20 league titles – the most by any English football club. A notable time in the history of the team is the tragic loss of eight players in an air disaster in Munich in 1958.

2014/15 Income: $592 million 

2. FC Barcelona – Spain

Football FCB

FC Barcelona, which boasts owning the world’s best footballer, Lionel Messi, is also the world’s second most-valuable sports team, with an estimated worth of $3,16 billion (R45,7 billion). Barcelona has a huge global following and has the biggest social media following among sports teams in the world. The club is also famous for its long-running rivalry with other Spanish football club, Real Madrid.

2014/15 Income: $638 million 

1. Real Madrid – Spain

Football Real madrid

Real Madrid made the most revenue in the last season with an estimated revenue income of $657 million (R9,51 billion). Most notable of the team’s players is Christiano Ronaldo, who’s also the second highest-earning football player in the past season. It’s expected that the team will keep the number one spot on this list for many years to come because of the high sales of tickets, shirts and TV rights.

2014/15 Income: $657 million

Source: Destinyman


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