World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Virginities Ever Sold



Can you really put a price on virginity? It seems so.

From women looking to pay off their college tuition to helping support their struggling families, these 10 women decided to bank on their virginity.

#10 Rosie Reid
In 2004, this 18-year-old woman from London sold her virginity to a 44-year-old man for $12,853.


#9 Alina Percea
In 2009, this 18-year-old from Romania needed money to pay for her degree. She was bought by a 45-year-old Italian man for $13,468.

#8 Shatuniha
An anonymous bidder bought this Siberian teen for $28,000.

#7 UniGirl
The unknown 19-year-old New Zealand student auctioned off her viginity in 2010 for $32,000.

#6 Cathy Cobblerson
A 24-year-old Texan who placed a $100,000 ad on eBay. Of course, the ad was later taken down.

#5 Catarina Migliorini
In 2012, a Brazilian student was bought by a Japanese fellow for $780,000.

#4 Elizabeth Raine
A 28-year-old medical student whose bid hit $801,000 before she backed out.

#3 Graciela Yataco
A Canadian man offered to pay this 18-year-old Peruvian model $1.5 million, but at the last minute she declined.

#2 Rafaella Fico
After getting an offer of almost $2 million, she turned down the offer to date Brazilian soccer playerCristiano Ronaldo.

#1 Natalie Dylan
In 2009, this 22-year-old college grad from California was offered $3.7 million to lose her virginity.


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  1. There is nothing new under the sun and apparently neither is this, its just that when the Japanese were doing it nobody after being introduced to it glorified it. The Memoirs of a Geisha written by Arthur Gold was a movie released based around the lives of geishas they were call girls but it is interesting to note that when the suitor was one of extreme he could purchase the virginity of one of the young girls. In reality they are said to be Japanese female entertainers however the wise knows that sex with many of them is also available for purchase.

    Watch the movie, though it was fiction it was however based off the accounts of a real life geisha and from the way the movie is depicted it is no glorious profession as stated at the very beginning of the movie it is something that was felt that no girl or woman should have to succumb to in order to survive. I never knew the worth of kimonos until after seeing the movie.

    Though they were dressed up like dolls their lives were no fairytale in fact after the movie aired the author was she’d by the women he used to give account of her story he settled out of court in 2003 and why did she Sue because it was a “shameful” lifestyle and she never wanted information on her true identity released.

    At least this women at point was honest about what this sort of lifestyle really encompasses, these women are still niave selling yourself this way is no different, its giving up and accepting that since you may never “secure” a man that will come in and truly love you then you might as well get the most you can while you can based off all your virginity is worth and dam a husband… You see what Satan has done we must work even harder to deny him the opportunity of “Gloating”

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