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World’s Tallest And Thinnest Observation Tower Opens in England

World’s tallest and thinnest observation tower opens in England today. The British Airway i360 takes passengers to 450 feet in a glass and steel round pod and offers up 360-degree views extending up to 26 miles of Brighton and the coastline.

The i360’s pole has a diameter of only 3.9 meters, or 12.8 feet, at its widest point, with a height-to-width ratio of 40:1, which also makes it the thinnest observation tower in the world.

The glass pod measures 18 meters, or 59 feet, in diameter and can accommodate up to 200 passengers at a time. There is also a visitor’s center dubbed the Beach Building at its base that features a 400-seat restaurant, gift shop, children’s play area, and exhibition and event space.

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A 400-seat restaurant, gift shop, children’s play area, and exhibition

The tower cost approximately $56 million.





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