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World’s Most Expensive Earrings Cost $57.4m

A fancy pair of pear shaped (get this) mismatched earrings were auctioned separately by Sotheby to the same anonymous buyer in 2017.

They were the “Apollo Blue” and “Artemis Pink” earrings which sold individually for $42.1m (N15.2bn Nigerian naira) and $15.3m (N5.6bn Nigerian nair) respectively which brought the total amount to $57.4m (N20.6bn Nigerian naira). the reason for the disparity in price may be because the “Apollo Blue” stone is a cool 14.54-carat blue diamond, while the nearly identical “Artemis Pink” stone is a 16-carat pink diamond.


In the last five to ten years, Sotheby’s said demand for coloured diamonds have been rising steadily which makes the market for them even stronger. So, as a diamond is a girl’s best friend, you may want to consider getting a coloured diamond trinket for your significant other this fast approaching Valentine’s Day.


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