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The World’s 2 Greatest Soccer Players Allegedly Fought Over the World’s Most Expensive Car

It’s a legendary rivalry on the field: the sculpted, bionic superathlete that is Cristiano Ronaldo against The Natural, Lionel Messi. Messi triumphed this year, winning the Ballon d’Or—for the world’s best player—for the fifth time, eclipsing second-place Ronaldo once again. But how about off the field? What if the two locked horns over, say, the world’s most expensive car?

According to Bleacher Report, that’s exactly what happened. Alessandro Proto says his Proto Organization sold Messi a 1957 Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti for around $36 million in Paris this week. It was the chosen whip of British driver Sterling Moss at the 1958 Cuban Grand Prix, and apparently, Ronaldo wanted it too. The bidding began at $22.5 million, so obviously things got competitive.


The car in question.

Getty Jacques Demarthon

 If, and only if, this all stacks up—Messi’s camp has denied any involvement in the sale, and Ronaldo’s interest is unconfirmed—it would mean Messi outbid his great rival to close the deal on the most expensive automobile in history. Not a bad 2016 so far for the Argentine.

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