Top 10 World Most Famous Robberies in History

1. Harry Winston

In 2008, Harry Winston together with four other men went to a jewelry shop to rob it. Some of them were disguised as women and they actually made the staff at the jewelry shop to help them with the robbery. The gang took more than 100 million dollars worth in jewels.

2. Antwerp Diamond Center

The Antwerp Diamond Centre is in charge of processing diamonds that haven’t been cut. A couple of years ago, Leonardo Notarbartolo formed a gang of criminals that were eager to rob the centre. Leonardo together with some other men went to the centre and were able to take out the content of more than 120 deposit boxes from a total of one hundred and eighty nine. The diamonds they took couldn’t be found and they cost about a hundred million dollars.

3. United California Bank Robbery

Amil Dinsio together with a criminal group decided to rob the United California Bank. The gang took out everything the safe deposit had and made their way out of the bank with more than thirty million dollars. Even when what the stole is considerably less than most of the names in our list, it’s important to say that this particular robbery happened in the early 1970s and that at present the money they stole would be something like a hundred million dollars.

4. Schiphol Airport Heist

The robbery that took place in the Schiphol Airport Heist is thought to be one of the most important robberies on the history because the criminals took gems for a value of over 110 million dollars. Even when most of these kinds of robberies generally include master plans and perfect execution, this particular robbery had nothing like that. The original plan was to shatter some windows, grab as many diamonds as they could and then run away. Only four men participated in it and many others were later on accused of helping the criminals.


5. British Bank of the Middle East

In the 1970s the PLO, which was a terrorist group, was in real need of money so the members made the decision to rob several banks amongst which was the British Bank of the Middle East. The band was able to steal gold, money and bonds that had a value of more than twenty fine million pounds then.

6. Knightsbridge Security Deposit

Valerio Viccei was a world famous criminal who decided to leave Italy to make England his home in order to continue working. He together with a group of criminals were able to take out the deposits of the Knightsbridge Security Deposit safe and leave with more than 170 million dollars. Nevertheless, Viccei was captured when he returned to England to look for his brand new Ferrari and was sent to prison for twenty years. Unluckily he was murdered in the early 2000s.

7. Baghdad Bank Robbery

In 2007 in Iraq the Baghdad Bank was robbed by three employees of the financial institution. They take out more than two hundred eighty two million dollars and experts have estimated that they had the help of some military men. The police could never find the money and the media actually ignored the robbery and everything related to it.

8. Boston Museum

A pair of men wearing costumes of police officers convinced the security guards of a certain museum in Boston that they had to follow a routine control of the place. The men were in the museum for about eighty minutes and they were able to steal approximately twelve paintings that had a value of more than three hundred million dollars at the time.

9. City Bonds Robbery

At the beginning of the 1990s a courier was carrying a great deal of bearer bonds when he was suddenly robbed. If you consider that bearer bonds are very similar to cash, the mugger was very fortunate. Police investigators have estimated that the bonds were worth about two hundred and ninety two million pounds when the robbery took place.

10. Central Bank of Iraq

When Saddam Hussein was still alive he had the idea that the Bank of Iraq belonged to him and for this reason he thought he was entitled to take out any sum of money when he needed or wanted it. as a matter of fact, he asked one of his sons to take out more than one billion dollars from the bank but the police caught him before he could finish the transaction.


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