World Map Reveals What Different Countries Are Best At…South Africa is No1 for Death

An unusual global map that shows every country being the best at something special facet of ordainry people’s life was released by Information is Beautiful website.

Its editors collected and combined data from various web sources and databases to present a comprehensive picture of the world and the results are amazing!

The CIA, World Bank, Reuters, BBC, Bloomberg, Forbes, Guinness World Records were among those who contributed to the research.

According to the latest statistics gathered from across the internet:

– Pakistanis watch more gay pornography than anyone else in the world

– Peru is top dog in producing cocaine

– Cuba has the best doctors

– South Africa has the highest death rank in the world

– The USA rules the world in spam emailing, with 14.6% of all spam coming from this country

– The fastest Wi-Fi was found in Lithuania

– Argentina produces the most horse meat

– Russia outwins everyone in the number of dashcams per capita

– In Australia they have more data breaches there than anywhere else

– France boasts the best whiskey in the world

– The Netherlands tops the list for coffee drinkers

– Singapore is one of the healthiest places to live in

– Nigerians appear to be the best scrabble players — with more top-200 players than anywhere else!

– Egypt is renowned for abundance of heavy women

– Belarus tops the map with the highest number of alcohol drinkers

– Toga was recognised as  the world’s unhappiness hotspot

– Stay away from Honduras, as it is No1 for murders

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